Crown toothache?

Question: Crown toothache?
Ok, so I just had a crown put on one of my teeth last Tuesday 2/27/07 and it’s hurting me. This is the first time I’ve ever had a crown. I went back to the dentist because I could tell that my bite was off. The bite feels better now, but my tooth and jaw still aches. The hot and cold hurt it and even if I eat something soft it hurts. Does anyone have any suggestions??


Answer by Slackineb
I’d go back to the dentist and have them do another xray. It’s possible your dentist got too close to the root of your tooth when he prepared it for the crown (it happens). You may need a root canal. Being sensitive to hot is a pretty sure indicator of that.

Answer by bamawrly
It may be that the tooth is in the process of dying, sorry to say. This happens sometimes, have your DDS refer you to an Endodontist for them to do some tests to check. Your dentist may be able to test also. You may have to have a root canal done.

Answer by jan
The sensitivity to hot is a red flag for nerve involvement. You need to go and have an x-ray done to see what’s going on. Root canal may be in your future.

Question: Is it normal to have a toothache after a new crown is placed?
Had an old crown removed, tooth reshaped and new crown put. Now am in pain – toothache, headache, ear ache down to my shoulders. Ibuprofen 400mg does the trick but what is going on? The pain started a week ago when the temporary was put in and is continuing today after my permanent was put in. Tried telling the dentist, but he insists it is sensitivity and nothing else. What do you think? Do new crowns take a while to settle in and do they cause pain in the beginning?


Answer by Joan S
It can take up to several weeks for the tooth to recover from the trauma of having an old crown removed, the tooth reshaped and a new crown placed. If Ibuprofen is doing the trick you probably will not need any further treatment. If however the pain increases then return to the dentist and have an x-ray taken to check there is no abcess.

Answer by Inquisitor
In my experience with a crown, this is normal. It might have to be “ground down” a little so it is not getting direct, biting pressure (you know, that paper they stick in your mouth and tell you to grind your teeth for a second to see how the new work is hitting the tooth on the opposite side of your mouth). I had mild pain for a long time and eventually had to get a root canal in the same tooth where the crown had been put earlier.

Answer by madonna
It really depends. If you haven’t had a root canal done, then maybe that’s what you need because a pulp could be exposed. Also, it could be that the crown is high and needs to be adjusted. It’s normal to have sensitivity for about a week after having a new crown placed but if it’s longer you should go back to your dentist and get it checked out.

Question: dentist replaced filling with crown – now have toothache w/cold drinks, etc.?
I didn’t have a toothache before he put crown in. He sealed it a couple times, but still the same. Nothing shows up in x-ray. He tried telling me it’s was the tooth in front of new crown, refilled that filling, but no improvement-still the same. Pain when cold hits it. Have an appointment in a couple days-any suggestions


Answer by Nicki
Yeah find you another dentist, I have almost all my teeth with porcelain crowns and I never have a bit of pain, it’s not normal that dentist has done something wrong.

Answer by vertically challenged
Darn.. hate when that happens, don’t you?

Sounds like you may need root canal on the tooth with the crown and maybe the tooth in front. It’s the nerve in the root that reacts to pressure, decay and heat/cold. Root canal removes the nerve.

I’m not a dentist, but have had extensive dental work and from my experience, it may be the root thing.

Ask the dentist if either or both of those teeth have had root canal and if he / she thinks it’s important to do it? The discomfort of the procedure is paid off with the pain going away.

good luck

Answer by chola
I to had this happen, and it was my sonic toothbrush! I dont know even why I thought of it, but it occurred to me maybe the power of the toothbrush was loosening the crown, in 2 days the problem was gone. I went back to using a regular soft toothbrush, and also I had it happen again and thought no here I go again back to the dentist, but then I realized I caused it by trying to open a plastic chip bag with my teeth. I have had no more problems since! I hope this may be ur problem, the dentist is not only no fun but the cost!!! Also if any of the above does apply for relief now, rub some orajel in the area for relief and use a straw for a day or 2, good luck!

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