how do i reduce swelling from my toothache?

Question: how do i reduce swelling from my toothache?
i have an extremely painful toothache yesterday and just before i went to bed i was taking darvocet, antibiotic pill and a sleeping pill to help me sleep and i was fine until i woke up and my face was swollen because of my toothache…does anybody know how to reduce the swelling?


Answer by I Know Huh
aspirin is anti inflamatory

Answer by Healthbuff
Hmm I think this might help.

Hold a hot-water bottle against the cheek on the toothache side.

In some cases, holding chipped ice in the mouth seems to be better than heat in relieving the pain.

Dip a tiny piece of cotton rolled onto the end of a toothpick into oil of cloves and work this into the cavity.

You should see a dentist. =3

Question: Terrible toothache! Abscess swelling & pain- what can I do to make the swelling go down & pain go away?
I have a tooth that was abscess, I took an Amoxicillin & the swelling went down, but now seems to be coming back- still on the Amoxicillin but only have a day or so left. What can I do to keep the swelling down & the pain away?? I really can not afford to go to the dentist right now! Please help!!!


Answer by Pearl
Sweetie I’ve been there and done that and I’ll say a prayer for you. The only thing that will help is probably a dentist, but you may try an ice pack. Also the Clorseptic that you buy for a sore throat helps too. Try google and ask for home remedies for a tooth ache.

Answer by Stella
I understand that you can’t afford a dentist at the moment but you really, really need to go. The antibiotics will help but if you keep taking them for too long , your body may get immune to them . For the pain- take some motrin, and you can apply an ice pack to your face to aid with the swelling but you need to see the dentist in order for this pain, swelling to stop. Try visiting the er as well. Sometimes hospitals may accept you as an emergency. But you need immediate treatment

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